HAIER Tundra Air Conditioner 5.3kW

HAIER Tundra Split System Air Conditioner 5.3kW

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Quick Comfort 

Stable Temperature Operation

Remote Control

Blue Fin Heat Exchange

| 29800 |


Create perfect Comfort in your own Home 

With the right technology, comfort is simple.

Just connect to our air conditioners using your smartphone app on your way home, and they’ll create the ideal environment before you get there.

Turn on Sleep Mode, and they’ll automatically make the conditions in your bedroom perfect for a restful night, all night.

They clean themselves, so you’ve always got fresh air in the room without you ever having to do a thing.

And because they can sense when the room is empty and turn themselves off, they’re also extremely economical to run. It really is as easy as that.

| 29800 |

Dry Mode

When the unit is working dry mode the indoor fan motor speed is adjusted automatically according to the temperature gap between setting temperature and room temperature. To achieve mild or strong dehumidification.

Intelligent Air

Airflow is directed in the ideal direction to maximise efficiency.

DRED Demand Enabled Response

A Demand Enabled Response (DRED) air conditioner allows your electricity provider to control the air conditioner, at various predefined levels, to manage the power consumption on the power supply network during peak periods. Consult your energy supplier for availability in your area.

Sleep Mode

Special program designed to overcome being too hot or too cold at night, to ensure the utmost comfort during your good nights sleep.

Quick Comfort

Inverter air conditioners supply the exact power needed to reach the set temperature in around half the time required by conventional models, cooling or heating the room rapidly.

Stable Temperature Operation

Inverter units can quickly and efficiently adjust and maintain the operating temperatures within the 'Comfort Zones' elimination temperature fluctuations associated with traditional on/off units.

Blue Fin Heat Exchanger

The Haier new generation blue aluminium fin has an anti-corrosion coating making the unit more durable, while the super hydrophilic performance enhances the heat exchanging efficiency by 40%, saving energy, compared to non-Blue Fin heat exchanger models

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