Importers and suppliers of quality air conditioning
products for the Australian market.

The name Dunnair has been synonymous with high quality products in the commercial air conditioning industry since 1961, when Dunn Air Conditioning was founded.

Dunnair provides a product for every commercial air conditioning need, including air cooled air conditioning units, water cooled air conditioning units, fan coil air conditioning units, air handling units, heat recovery ventilators (energy recovery ventilators), total fresh air units, inverter water cooler units and premium range inverter rooftop package air conditioning units. Products available through Davis & Spence include:

Air cooled air conditioners

Products available from Dunnair include split ducted air conditioning units (including fixed speed split ducted units), rooftop air conditioning units with in-built cycle, and rooftop packaged air cooled units.

Water cooled air conditioners

Products available include split ducted water cooled air conditioning units, inverter water cooled packaged units, floor mounted water cooled packaged air conditioning units and both horizonal and vertical water cooled air conditioning units.

Fan coil air conditioners

Options available include ceiling exposed fan coil air conditioning units, floor exposed fan coil air conditioning units, ceiling cassette air conditioning units and ceiling concealed air conditioning units.

Air handling units

Dunnair supplies single and double skin ceiling mounted air handling units, double skin floor mounted air handling units and modular type air handling units.

Energy recovery ventilators

A core Dunnair product, these are also known as heat recovery ventilators.

Total fresh air systems

Products available in this category include total fresh air split ducted air conditioning units and total fresh air packaged units, including an economy cycle model.

Inverter water cooled units

Dunnair supplies both an inverter split ducted water cooled unit and an inverter packaged water cooled unit.

Half a century of air conditioning excellence

In the early sixties, Dunnair manufactured the well-received Airtemp range of air conditioning products under the stewardship of founder and director, Rob Dunn. More success followed when Dunnair’s South Australian office – one of five interstate operations headquartered in Melbourne – began producing its own range, selling under the Chrysler name. In 1983 the manufacturing arm of the company was sold to EmailAir, allowing Dunnair to focus its efforts on sales and service.

Dunnair went on to secure several high-profile maintenance contracts with multinational companies, notable among them the McDonald’s chain of fast food restaurants. The company was also selected as one of few contractors tasked to maintain the Cosatron installations at Crown Casino.

It was the first company in Victoria to import Sanyo air conditioning units, and in the early 1990s began to badge Derby by Dunnair wall mounted split units, which continued well into the mid 90s.

In 1994, Dunnair was bought by Multistack and renamed Dunnair International – and in 2004, Ernest Ugazio acquired its sales and service departments. This led to the company being divided into two separate entities. Dunnair International focussed on Multistack Chillers sales and spare parts while Dunnair Australia began design and development of a split ducted and rooftop packaged range to be manufactured in China.

Today, Dunnair’s range of air conditioning equipment is manufactured by two associate factories in China, and comprises 16 product lines on some 600 different models, plus made-to-order products. The entire Dunnair range is available through Davis & Spence.

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Dunnair provides a product for every commercial air conditioning need.

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