Toshiba Air Conditioning

Toshiba Air Conditioning

Acclaimed innovators in air conditioning technology.

Toshiba Air Conditioning was the first company to incorporate inverter technology into air conditioning systems in 1981 and since then it has always maintained a technological advantage – in both commercial and residential air conditioners.
Residential air conditioning

Being comfortable in the home means much more than controlling the temperature. Toshiba air conditioners are designed for flexibility in application and with a low operating sound level and improved air quality. So customers enjoy all year round comfort plus precise temperature control. 

Whether cooling a small bedroom or a large living space, Toshiba’s residential air conditioning solutions are ideal for all areas of the home. From wall mounted single split and multi split systems to floor standing and inverter ducted air conditioning systems, Toshiba has a wide variety of heating and cooling solutions to suit every requirement.

Air conditioning for larger buildings

Toshiba offers a solution for all commercial environments including light commercial and larger commercial buildings. For small commercial premises, products are designed to deliver top performance combined with energy efficiency. For large commercial sites, advanced technology delivers super-efficient heating and cooling solutions for greater comfort and reliability.

Toshiba’s commitment to excellence drives a company-wide focus on attention to detail through every stage of the development process, from design to user field tests. Installations using their products and systems therefore feature a high standard of indoor air quality, sound levels, energy savings, and environmental awareness. 

Whether it’s for an office, block of apartments or larger commercial space, Toshiba has a wide range of air conditioning solutions to suit every scenario.

Leading-edge air conditioning technology

Toshiba has combined two technologies to create the DC Hybrid Inverter, which automatically chooses the better of the two control methods based on the actual conditions at the time. This solution provides high capacity only when it is necessary, while minimising running costs.

On very cold winter days, or hot summer days the Toshiba DC Inverter uses the PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) method. PAM works like a turbo engine in a car, and involves the compressor being set at maximum power, providing fast cooling in order to achieve the desired room temperature when the air conditioner is switched on.

When conditions are less severe the Toshiba DC Inverter uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). PWM helps to balance the compressor speed revolution, either high speed when providing fast cooling, or slow speed when maintaining room temperature. So, much like cruise control in a car, it results in significantly less consumption.

Another world-first Toshiba innovation is the DC twin rotary compressor, which enables the adoption of a high-pressure refrigerant. High efficiency is evident in low speed operation ranges, which can reduce energy consumption when the compressor is operated in long stable conditions.

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Toshiba always maintained a technological advantage – in both commercial and residential air conditioners.

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