Pioneers of the first severe-duty
air conditioners and still going 'strong'.

Whenever conditions exceed the capabilities of commercial and heavy-duty air conditioning and filtration equipment, contractors turn to Lintern for a trusted solution.

All Lintern air conditioners are engineered to ensure efficient operation and long-term reliability in applications subjected to intense heat, heavy dirt loading, vibration and corrosive environments.

Air conditioning in the toughest environments on earth

Lintern air conditioners are used in more than 60 countries in a variety of industries. Some of the markets they serve include primary metals, coke facilities, mining, oil and gas, utilities, pulp and paper, chemical processing plants, satellite communications, cement plants and offshore marine applications.

Rugged air conditioners yet environmentally sound

Lintern air conditioning products utilise environmentally-acceptable refrigerants in compliance with The Montreal Protocol, which eliminated the production of CFC Refrigerants on December 31, 1995. CFC Refrigerants such as R-12, R-60/40 and R-114 have been replaced in Lintern products by HCFC and HFC alternatives.

What sets Lintern apart?

Built upon a reputation established through five generations of superior product quality and service, Lintern today offers the world’s highest-quality air conditioning components and products supported by comprehensive research, design, development and testing programs.

Lintern product lines available through Davis & Spence include:

Heavy Duty air conditioning units

Lintern single self-contained heavy-duty air conditioners have been designed for applications where ambient operating temperatures range from 26°C to 71°C, with occasional peaks to 82°C, and where equipment may be exposed to dirty and corrosive environments or high vibration. They are widely used for crane cabs and other enclosures to cool and protect personnel and equipment.

A one-of-a-kind design, the LHDW is a heavy-duty wall mounted air conditioner for applications in elevated outside ambient temperatures ranging from 10°C to 57°C. It is designed to cope with exposure to high corrosion, dirty atmospheres found in industrial, marine and tropical environments; and is available in a split configuration, allowing the remote mounting of the condenser and a variety of evaporator options.

Super Duty air conditioning systems

These units fill the void between off-the-shelf air conditioning units and Lintern’s line of heavy-duty products. They are ideal for port crane operations, overhead traveling cranes, electrical pulpits, mobile equipment and other applications where vibration, corrosion and high ambient temperatures quickly destroy conventional air conditioning systems.

The Lintern Super Duty air conditioner is a split-type air conditioning solution comprised of a condenser unit, evaporator unit and a flexible connection kit – and installation is quick and easy.

Lintern also manufactures evaporator units, condensate evaporator units, condenser units and filtration units.

Headquartered in Ohio, USA, Lintern Corporation was established in 1892 by William Lintern and remains a privately-held firm with the sixth generation of Lintern as its President.

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Lintern today offers the world’s highest-quality air conditioning components and products supported by comprehensive research, design, development and testing programs.

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