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Air Cooled Rooftop Packages

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High efficiency BLDC Inverter scroll compressors

EC plug fans & EC condenser Fans

Capacities from 15kW to 200+kW

Multiple options for supply and return air duct connections

BMS compatible


The Air Cooled series of split ducted units shown are part of Dunnair’s range of high quality units
for every application. Dunnair has also become the first choice when individual engineering solutions are required.

Fast-moving and responsive, Dunnair supplies made-to-measure HVAC solutions to a growing number of high profile developments across Australia.

Dunnair research and development plus a strict quality control program have been fundamental to their growth, success and reputation. Dunnair units are manufactured in accordance with strict quality control standards and are MEPS rated and developed for Australian conditions.

Dunnair’s modern factories manufacture 16 separate product lines and some 600 different models. Dunnair can supply most products the HVAC industry requires.

The recent acquisition by Air Change, a company known for it’s award winning innovation, is proof that the company is working continuously to improve its product range and the efficiency of its products.

Dunnair will engineer and manufacture equipment to suit the application and building
design. No challenge will go unaccepted. We will design and make special products as required for the building, mining, transport and maritime industry.

We employ mechanical engineers in all sales offices in Australia. Their role is to supporting designers to achieve their goals.

Our promise to system designers is: “Tell us what you need and we will work with you to deliver”.


PHS8-PHS35 single stage | PH40-PH200 two stage

PHS8-PHS35 direct drive evaporator fan | PH40-PH200 belt drive evaporator fan

Automatic De-Ice | Liquid Accumulator | Crankcase heater | 24 volt control

Galvanised steel paneling | Durable powder coated cabinet (outdoor unit) | External stainless steel fittings

Easy access panels with turn lock handles, no screws | 25 mm insulation | Coil corrosion protection

High quality scroll compressors | High/low pressure protection for compressor

Time delay protection for compressor | Limit start timer | Aluminium coil frames | Quiet & efficient

Individual defrost dual circuit units for two stage units | Reverse phase protection

Electric reheat high temperature protection (optional) | Overload protection for both indoor and outdoor fan motor

MEPS IV approved | Manufactured for Australian standards & conditions | High quality control procedures

R410a refrigerant is used in standard units | Fault output for DDC control | Dry filter

Optional Statement

Standard manufactured units may not meet the requirements of your system design. Dunnair always welcome enquiries for custom made air conditioning equipment. Available options are listed below

Optional Features

Two stage for 18–35 kW units | 50 mm insulation | Fan upgrade (High external static pressure) | Stainless steel condensate tray | Belt drive instead of direct drive fan | All copper coils (see image) | Stainless steel casing (see image) | Change location of supply return air | Anti-corrosion marine grade coil coating black fin | Hot gas bypass | EC motor | EC plug fan | EC condenser fan | Two speed condenser fan | High static centrifugal condenser fan for plant room | Other Customised options available | Please contact our team today

Optional Controller

Optional Controller DAT – 770 multifunction thermostat Technologically advanced in design and performance, the DAT – 770 is the ideal thermostat control for any installation of air conditioning systems.

Option Controller Features

Auto season change over | Select programmable or manual mode | Heat cool or heat pump (O/B) logic | 0-10 V output option for heating or cooling | High & Low balance points | Single or three-speed fan control | Keyboard and/or temperature locks | Occupancy sensor inputs | Programmable occupancy inputs | Adaptive recovery (Optimised start) | Smart fan logic for commercial control | PIN protected menus (installer PIN) | Outside air temperature display | 24 V powered with memory backup | Volt free (clean contact) relays | Large backlit EL display | Remote temperature sensors available | Integrated Modbus option | Replaces most 24 V thermostats

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