Ceiling Fan AC

Typhoon MACH 3 Timber

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Maximum Airflow 10,665m³/hr (48″) | 13,513m³/hr (52″)

White or Antique Brass Timber Finishes

Light Adaptable (sold separately)

Ideal for Bedrooms and Living Rooms

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Featuring plywood blades the Timber model is the quietest of the Typhoon Mach 3 Family.

An excellent choice for bedrooms and living areas within the home. The airflow performance is superior to many budget fans yet the Timber is both economical to purchase and run.

Ceiling fans circulate air within a room and provide a cooling effect through the action of air moving over the skin.

In addition to making the room feel up to 6° cooler, they can significantly assist in savings up to 30% off your energy bills.

In winter ceiling fans redistribute warm air that gathers at the ceiling.

Running your fans in reverse, draws the air that naturally rises and gently re-circulating it throughout the room. Therefore balance the room’s temperature.

All ceiling fans should be at least 2.1 meters from floor to tip of the blades and at least 300mm from ceiling.


Alternating Current Motors  (AC) use supplied power directly and regulate speeds by controlling frequency. AC Motors generally only have 3 speeds.

Direct Current motors (DC) convert supplied power directly. and regulate speeds by controlling electrical current. These Motors use up to 70% less energy than standard AC fans. Furthermore DC Ceiling Fans are more efficient, offering virtually silent operation.

Direct Current models usually have 5 or 6 speeds and are remote controlled.

Ceiling Fans purchased through Davis + Spence are covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty

Always use a licenced professional for installation.

| 20333 |

1120mm(48") | 1320mm (52") Plywood timber blades

Pressed steel body(painted or plated)

Power usage:13W to 62W(48") | 15W to 66W(52")

Airflow: 10,665m³/hr (48") | 13,513m³/hr (52")

Light adaptable (sold separately)

3 speed wall control (supplied)

Instruction Manual

Light Adaptable

Sold Separately

White Timber Blades

1220mm (48") | 1320mm (52")

Antique Brass

1320mm (52")

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