High Temperature Cables

ÖLFLEX® HEAT 180 EWKF High Temperature Cables

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Silicone power and control cable, tear and notch resistant, for use in machines, plant construction and tool building, suitable for +180°C

  • Proven notch-resistant EWKF quality
  • Further dimensions/colours on request


ÖLFLEX® HEAT 180 EWKF High Temperature Cables 

Proven notch resistant EWKF quality

Expanded ambient temperatures | Silicone cables (-50°C to +180°C)

Application range areas with high ambient temperatures and occasionally mechanical stress.

Typical Fields of Application
  • Steel, ceramic and iron works 
  • Bakery equipment and industrial furnaces 
  • Electric Motor Industry 
  • Sauna/solarium construction
  • Thermal and heating elements 
  • Lighting Technology 
  • Ventilator engineering 
  • Air Conditioning technology 
  • Galvanisation technology



Longer durability in harsh applications than conventional silicone cables | Notch and tear-resistant silicone compounds reduce damage due to mechanical stress | Due to the use of special additives in EWKF silicone, armoured cable versions will not be required | Flexibility simplifies installation where space is limited | Possesses insulating properties after combustion due to remaining SiO ash on the conductor


EWKF Initial tear propagation and notch resistance | Halogen free (IEC 60754-1), no corrosive gases (IEC60754-2), flame retardant (IEC 60332-1-2) | Good hydrolysis and UV-resistance | Resistant to a multitude of oils, alcohols, vegetable and animal fats and chemical substances | Adequate ventilation must be ensured, since the mechanical properties of silicone cables decrease from +100°C in the absence of air

Norm references / Approvals

Based on EN 50525-2-83

Product Make Up

Fine-Wire, tinned-copper conductor | Core insulation: based on EWKF silicone | Cores twisted together | Outer sheath: silicone-based EWKF, notch-resistant, black


ETIM 5.0 Class ID EC..1578 | ETIM 5.0 Class Description: Flexible cable

Core Identification Code

Colours according to VDE 0293-308, refer to Appendix T9, From 6 cores: black and white numbers

Conductor Stranding

Fine wire according to VDE 0295, Class 5 / IEC 60228 Class 5

Minimum Bending Radius

Occasional Flexing: 15 x outer diameter | Fixed installation: 4 x outer diameter

Nominal Voltage

Uo/U: 300 / 500 V

Test Voltage

2000 V

Protective Conductor

G = with GN-YE protective conductor | X = without protective conductor

Temperature Range

-50°C to +180°C (adequate ventilation required)

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