Earth Leakage Relays

Littelfuse SE703 Series

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  • Australian AS/NZS 2081:2002 compliant earth leakage relay version
  • Australian AS/NZS 2081:2011 compliant earth leakage relay version
  • Microprocessor-based for resistance and solidly earthed systems 
  • Sensitive earth-fault detection as low as 25 mA 
  • Operates on AC solidly earthed and AC resistance earthed systems


The AS2081: 2011 compliant Littlefuse SE-703 is a microprocessor-based earth fault relay for resistance and solidly-earthed systems. It offers sensitive earth fault detection as low as 25 mA and can be used on systems with significant harmonic content. 

Littlefuse SE-703 is available as AS2081:2002 compliant which is DIP selectable fail safe or non fail safe and AS2081:2011 compliant, which is fail safe only.

This overcurrent and earth fault protection relay provides feeder-level protection or individual-load protection. The output contacts can be connected for use in protective tripping circuits or in alarm indication circuits. The analog output can be used with a PLC or a meter. The SE-703 is specifically designed to be Australian Standards compliant.

Note: Littelfuse earth fault protection products may also be known as ground fault products.

We are the exclusive NSW supplier of Littelfuse protection relays and controls for the protection, safe control and distribution of electrical power in industrial applications.

Adjustable pickup (25-500 mA)

Adjustable trip setting provides a wide range of low-level protection and system coordination.

Adjustable time delay (INST-500 ms)

Adjustable trip delay allows quick protection and system coordination.

Output contacts

2 Form C earth-fault output contacts for operation of separate annunciation and trip circuits.

Analog output (0-5 V)

Allows for connecting an optional meter (PGA-0500) or control system.

CT-Loop monitoring

Alarms when CT is not connected.

Contact operating mode

Fail-safe operating mode for undervoltage applications, optional non-fail-safe mode available.

Harmonic filtering

Eliminates nuisance tripping.

Non-volatile trip memory

Retains trip state while de-energised to simplify troubleshooting.


No calibration required, saves maintenance cost.

Universal power supply

Allows operation in application where one side of PT is faulted, provides flexibility for numerous applications.

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