Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SCM-ZS Multi Split Series

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SCM-ZS Multi Split Series

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Connects up to 3 indoor units

23 models of indoor units to choose from

Efficient and quiet operation

Smart energy use option

Individual indoor unit control for maximum occupant comfort


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SCM-ZS Multi Split Series

The SCM-ZS series of multi split systems is compact and efficient and with the ability to connect up to three indoor units to one outdoor unit, is a versatile solution for heating and cooling multiple small to mid-sized rooms.

The SCM-ZS series’ compact design allows for installation in small spaces such as balconies and verandas. Meanwhile the highly efficient DC twin rotary compressor means the unit is super quiet, ensuring no disruptions. Our units can operate in ambient outdoor temperatures as low as -20℃ in heating mode. In cooling mode as high as +46℃.

Each indoor unit has independent control options allowing for individual temperature, air flow, timers and other functions.

The MHIAA SCM-ZS Multi Split Series ensures everyone’s comfort all year round.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SCM-ZS Multi Split Series – In Summary

Variety of Indoor Units – Select the unit type, size and capacity. Base your selection on the  interior size of each room in your home.

It is a advantage to heat or cool only selected rooms with each use. The multi split systems provide users with an energy efficient air conditioning solution.

A multi split system provides individual control of each room’s climate. MHIAA indoor units can be individually turned on or off.

MHIAA  Australia focuses solely on manufacturing high performance air conditioners for the Australian market. All our systems are of the highest quality. Offering a full 5 year parts and labour warranty.


Talk with our Team to create the ideal Multi Split System configuration for your application today.

Compatible Units

Ceiling Concealed | Wall Mounted | Floor Standing | Ceiling Cassette | Ceiling Suspended

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