Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRR Bulkhead Series

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRR Bulkhead Series

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SRR Bulkhead Series 2.5kW | 3.5kW

Energy Saving

Silent Operation

Optional WiFi Control


The SRR-ZM series of  bulkhead systems are designed to sit entirely within your ceiling space and distribute air via grilles.

SRR and its slim, low-profile design measures only 200mm in height.

The perfect choice for apartments with limited ceiling space.

Incorporating a large range of convenient features and functions the SRR-ZM series is extremely quiet.

This makes the SRR perfect for bedrooms and the Home Office or Study.

All our systems are of the highest quality and are backed by a full 5 year parts and labour warranty

Slim, low profile design

With a super slim, low profile design measuring only 200mm in height, the SRR series offers the perfect solution for apartments or applications where ceiling space is limited and the indoor unit needs to be fitted in a concealed area.

Super quiet operation

Set periods of time where the unit will operate with reduced noise levels, perfect for night time and an uninterrupted sleep.

Dry Operation for dehumidification

Reduces humidity by removing moisture from the air without effecting indoor temperature.

Hi Power mode for rapid heating and cooling

Provides 15mins of boosted power to quickly heat or cool your home before returning to normal operation. Perfect for when you first turn on it the unit. Note: For FDE, FDT, FDTC, FDUA, and FDUM series can only be enabled using the RC-EX3 wired controller.

ECO Mode

Unit operates at slightly reduced capacity to reduce power consumption while maintaining a comfortable room temperature.

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