HAIER Tempo Air Conditioner 2.6kW

HAIER Tempo Air Conditioner 2.6kW

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WiFi – Optional WIFI Control

DC Inverter

Blue Fin Technology 

Turbo Mode

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HAIER Tempo Air Conditioner 2.6kW

If you’re new to ductless mini split air conditioner systems, the Tempo series makes a great introductory option. Tempo are best suited for single room heating and cooling.

Our Tempo mini split AC Series is budget friendly and great for providing consistent heating and cooling in milder climates. 

Tempo mini split AC Series offers 9,000 and 12,000 BTU units.  These units easily connect with 115V power supplies – the same power provided from a standard outlet.

This ductless heat pump AC Series operates in a range from heating down to -4 degrees F to cooling at up to 115 degrees F with efficiency at 16 SEER and 9 HSPF

By adding our USB WiFi adapter (sold separately) and downloading our convenient app, you can control your Tempo ductless AC unit from your smartphone.

| 29800 |



Optional WiFi Control. Remotely control ductless system from any smartphone or tablet

DC Inverter

A-PAM DC Inverter. Latest high efficiency DC Inverter Technology


-4°F (-20°C) Heating. Low Ambient Heating

Blue Fin

A hydrophilic aluminium fin ensures condensing water flows smoothly

Turbo Mode

Cools or Heats the room quickly

Easy Installation Clip

Built-in bracket allows more room to install and service

Auto Louver

Automatically adjusts airflow upward when cooling or downward when heating

Warm Start

Ensures the fan will not blow cold air during heating mode startup

Quiet Mode

Minimises indoor noise while maintaining comfort levels

115V Easy Electric Wiring

9K and 12K are 115W

Optional WiFi Features

WiFi + Voice Control | Google Assistant | Intuitive Hands Free Control | Customised Operation | Weekly Timer | Sleep Curve | Error Alarm | Group Control | Convenient Control | Smart Reminder

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